Friday, 23 August 2013

By the water

In the spirit of a little less staring at the computer screen, a little more staring at the water, we headed to the beach this past week.    

Not once, but four times. It was as though the water was calling us to return.

And I had forgotten just how much I adore the beach in winter.

When all sounds bar the roaring of the waves are forgotten.

The mesmerising colours of the sky and water, different each day.

The rhythm of the water, inviting me to witness the seasonal rhythms around me, and transform my internal rhythms of the day too.

The clarity that comes from a change of scene.

And that alive feeling that comes from running through the wind on the sand on a sun-shining blue-sky winter day with your two little people laughing and running beside you.


{Photo taken into the sun while we ran on the windiest sunny day at our closest beach. It was magic. When I arrived home I heard the weather warning that winds of 100kph were hitting coastal areas. Timing is funny like that. Because had I known earlier, we most definitely would not have gone. Elisa x}

~ Gratitude that we are blessed with the beach close by and for spontaneous and intentionally created heart moments that that are filled with a sense of magic and leave you feeling oh-so-alive. Joining the 52 weeks of grateful here

What are you most grateful for today?


  1. Beautiful!

    The pull of water is always so strong for me, I am home near or on the water and feel such a sense of peace and knowing when I am there. So happy you found some of that this week.

    Grateful today for family, laughter, learning and growing.

  2. I need to go to the seaside soon, but this weekend has a Bank Holiday and events close access. I'm overdue to go there to recharge my batteries, it has been too hot this summer to go via public transport.

    Grateful that arthritis medicine for the cat fits in well with one of her evening foods so she cannot taste it.

  3. beautiful hon - you know what? i keep thinking day after day about going down the coast on a school day all by myself - it is not so crazy to drive down myself but i still hesitate. i think next week i am going to do it - i miss the sound of waves and the breeze and fresh air that only the ocean can give you - thanks for pushing me to do it xxx

  4. SO lovely, I also love the feeling that you get from a wander along the beach- very therapeutic.

  5. Sounds lovely Elisa :) I'd love to live closer to the beach - it's about an hour's drive from my house and we don't get there that often. It must be lovely to watch the waves while having fun with the girls running on the sand. xx

  6. We keep talking about going to the beach this winter but are yet to do it. This weekend is already pretty full. Perhaps next. We're running out of winter to do it in! I'm not sure that I'm up to doing it by myself during the week with both kids. I need the big Daddy to help out :) Thanks for linking up x

  7. How lovely to live near the ocean! Which reminds me I really should head to the river more.
    (popping over from Maxabella's weekend rewind)

  8. I get it totally
    We are off for a mini holiday to the beach next weekend - cannot wait!


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