Tuesday, 17 April 2012

And then life slapped me across the face

Starting from the ground and growing
up {to even better health}. 

I spent two days last week feeling like life had slapped me across the face, thrown me to the ground and trod on me. And then, right as I tried too early to get back up, it poked me in the eye.

Blah. That's the best word to describe it. Because at the time, I had no words. I took refuge in sleep. But even that wasn't enough to make the dizziness, aches and nausea subside.  

Eventually I stopped trying to work it {my body, how I was feeling} out. And I gave in, I let go, I stopped thinking about my body, and instead trusted my body to do its thing. And I slept a lot. 

But inside I was doing a bit of a blame game. Because health is a balancing act for me. A fine-tuned melody of rest, whole foods, water, meditation, exercise, calm and love. All of that with Grace and Eve. 

And when things aren't feeling hunky-dory, well I know I'm out of tune. And I know I should have been listening to my body's melody, instead of daydreaming into a life of Instagram images. 

So, today I'm making a commitment {again} to tune-in to the melody of me each day, and to share my health journey {past and future} here on the blog.

I will try to start my story close to the beginning. But I'm confident it will come out as bits, chunks and parts, slowly, as I see fit, as I feel comfortable {bear with me}.    

Sharing it feels right, but I'm nervous too. I've come a long way, you see. But parts of this journey {bumpy road trip?} I'm ashamed of. And parts I'm proud of too.  

I feel great, but I'm not saying my health travels are over {I don't believe anyone's are}. Because I will always be striving for {even} better health. Always. Because the one thing I know for sure is health is marvellous, wondrous and pure beauty. And I want more.

Elisa xx

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What keeps you feeling healthy?


  1. I think that writing about this kind of stuff helps us work through it ourselves, and then sometimes it helps others too. Here's hoping you are doing better this week.

  2. @Jess You're so right, writing is very therapeutic, and if it helps someone else, that's even better :)xx

  3. your words are inspiring ... i really needed this and needing to look our for "me" a whole lot more so that i can really look after the people i love the most in my life xx


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