Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dancing to a new day

Each morning when I rise before the sun does at my little girl's insistence, I look outside {with tired and hazy eyes} at the dark still-night sky wondering what the day will bring.

And once miss two is sitting snug and rugged up on her little couch with a requested buffet of yoghurt, toast, cereal and milk by her side {all of which she demolishes} I take another peek at the sky.

And I can see the day coming now, the air is not so thick anymore and I can make out the grass and outlines of trees. But I can't see the sky - it's still glowing a darkest shade of night blue {as though lingering in night-time dreams while waiting for the sun to wake}.

And I feel a little the same {my body is waking up and moving around while my mind stays mesmerised in a dream of sleep}.

And as I make my breakfast and listen out for a baby's cries, I keep glancing out the window and watching the sky {gentle and calm, waking at it's on pace at the rhythm of the universe}. And for a few moments I try to remember what that feels like {waking spontaneously, gently, when my body sees fit}...

And then I begin scribbling and adjusting a list of things to do for the day, all the while spooning mouthfuls of cereal and negotiating a little girl who wants to eat my breakfast too. I look outside at a sky that's getting brighter, but still waiting for the day.

And then I hear my baby wake with a stir and a little cry that says cuddle me, hold me tight, feed me, kiss me, love me now {and effortlessly with joy and gratitude that's what I do}.

And scooped up into my arms in a morning dance, I kiss her tiny cherub face, and listen for the little feet that will be close behind calling out for "my turn".

And then the three of us skip down the hallway {with a baby on my hip, and a two year old's hand holding my fingers tight} ready to begin our day.

And then I notice the air outside is clear, the sky is awake and the day is here.

And I wonder where those moments before the day woke went, and when the time will come that I will watch the sky wake itself up in full {not in fleeting moments and in stolen glances through the window}.

And I wonder when the time will come that all three of us will skip outside {and hold each other tight} to watch the night sky dance with the new day.

And I wonder when the time will come that I will wake up to a sky that is already dancing to a new day.

Elisa xx

Are you up before the sun? And do you ever watch the sunrise? 


  1. Elisa that is such a beautifully written post, I could really visualise the sky & your morning awaking! My older children now wake later, but my Cheeky Charley who is 14mths, still wakes during the night for a feed and a cuddle, which I find difficult & tiring to drag myself out of my warm comfy bed. But I try to remind myself, that this is what she needs now, one day she will no longer be crying out in the middle of the night. I also try to look at the positive side, this our quiet time together for a cuddle without the other children demanding my attention! I do like to rise early & go running, so I’m often out on the street running watching the sunrise:) Nx

  2. @Nicole - Wow, running and watch the sunrise! That sounds really magical :) Just like you, I focus on lapping up the now, because it won't be forever - but thank you so much for the beautiful reminder. Elisa x


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