Tuesday 19 February 2013

A reminder {for myself}

Walk slowly. {You will still get there in the end}.

Breathe deeply. {And let it all out}.

Notice when your day is rushed. {Then stop and be still}.

Meditate each day. {Even for just a minute}.

Tune in to your heart. {Love yourself}.

Spend time in nature. {Take your shoes off, and connect with the Earth beneath you}.

Stomp, dance, walk, stretch, run, skip. {Let your body move}.

Find one thing to be grateful for each day. {And give thanks}.

Really look at the world around you. {Choose to see love}.


{After last week and its challenges, this reminder I wrote for myself at the start of the year has been on my mind xx}

What's on your mind? Anything you need to remind yourself of right now?


  1. Great list, such wonderful reminders for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is so beautiful and so very true! I think its exactly what I needed to read today as a reminder as well x

  3. So true! I need to be reminded to breathe - regularly.

  4. This is beautiful Elisa, I really love it. All of these things, whilst I try to do, I could definitely stand to improve on them also xo

  5. For me the breathing is the start and finish of it all falling into place - when I'm doing those silly little breaths nothing goes right!
    Oh and deciding to make choices based on love

  6. this is such a gentle reminder ... take care x

  7. Great reminders. Ones I should really psst on my wall.

  8. "Really look at the world around you. {Choose to see love}."
    That is beautiful. As well as your first one about walking slowly....
    Ronnie xo

  9. I would tell myself to - stop worry about the little things and soak up messy fun days with my little ones. Don't stress the small stuff ;-)
    Great post, love your thoughts

  10. I need the reminder to spend time in nature. We ate our dinner outside the other night and it was so, so lovely.

  11. Hi Elisa, this is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Very touching. I hope that everything is going well with your husband's recovery. Erin x

  12. I'm totally with you on all of it from planting your feet on the ground and feeling the earth to the wonders of meditation. I'm grateful I've had some time today to begin exploring your musings. Very beautiful thoughts on gratitude and living in the now, can't wait to read more x


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx