Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Captivated by what could be

So I'm a little cloud obsessed of late. Sky obsessed actually.

It started a month or so ago. I was hanging out the washing and noticed the full moon staring back at me. Begging me to make a wish {or three}.

And since then I've been mesmerised by sun rays on gloomy days, the moon in the night sky, blue bursts of the day peering through cloudy masses, dark cloudy clumps and pretty white and blue scattered skies...

I've been looking up, looking ahead, making wishes and introducing this part of our amazing world to my girls.

And I've been lying barefoot on the grass outside, feeling the earth, noticing the sky and meandering through the space in between.

But yesterday, as I photographed the sky I recalled a dream from years ago. One of those little things that pop into your head when you least expect...

I remember the dream clearly because I had gone away for the weekend and was feeling lost, overwhelmed and searching for answers - and in this dream all those feelings were chasing me. I was running up a hill... my heart pounding, my face flushed and my hands grasping the air in front of me praying someone or something would pull me through.

When I reached the hill top, my view was blocked by clouds, white dust and fog. I looked behind me but I could no longer see where I'd come from. I could feel it though - a prickly fear and anxiety blowing through the air.

In my dream, the clouds were blurring my ability to see ahead but when I closed my eyes I saw a sense of opportunity, and lightness there. I tiptoed gently off the hill stepping onto a cloud. And there I was floating, the sky around me blue and bright, promising opportunity, offering hope, giving me a chance to start again. It was refreshing and I felt like I was floating in a dream of what could be for such a long long time...

And perhaps it was just one of those silly dreams? Or I have a really good imagination? Or could it be a sign that change was on it's way? Maybe all three. Read into it what you like. But either way, when I see fleeting blue peeking out beyond the clouds, I'm forever thinking of a new day, a new opportunity, that we're on the eve of something new. And it leaves me a little mesmerised, a little filled with hope, a little excited for what could be... 

Elisa xx

{images by me - prettied up by Instagram. Follow me via @withgraceandeve}

Are you captivated by clouds? And do you like to photograph the sky?


  1. I like to take pictures of crashing waves - not sure what the fascination is!
    Love your blogs Elisa x

  2. @Clare - Thank you so much! I love to take pics of the water too - the beach in winter is one of my favourite places to be! xx

  3. Make a date with the winter beach when we are back! Miss you and the girls so much. Love dad x x


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