Friday, 4 May 2012

The sound of laughter

This week I saw laughter {and smiling baby eyes and a toddler doing somersaults}.

This week I answered the phone to the sound of laughter {and it made me laugh out loud}.

This week I made the man I love laugh {and it made my heart smile}.

This week I listened to laughter {a contagious giggle and a cheeky laugh bouncing off each other}.

This week I laughed {and I liked the way it sounded, and I loved the way it felt}.

This week I closed my eyes to the sound of laughter {and I saw gratitude}.

This week I'm grateful for a home full of laughter, and a home where moments of pure happiness are found each day.

Elisa xx

{Linking with Kidspot's 52 weeks of Grateful, hosted by Maxabella Loves}

{I had no idea the photo above was being taken. I love that it captures me and my big girl sharing laughter. Image by Sam Natoli Photography}

What have you felt grateful for this week?


  1. That is a beautiful photo, and a lovely week of gratefuls, so beautifully expressed.

  2. What a gorgeous photo, it sums up your week perfectly. x

  3. Is there anything more uplifting and contagious than a little ones giggle? I love that.

  4. Glorious all of it from start to finish!

    Happy weekend, may there be giggles, belly laughs and my alltime favourites silent tear-streaming laughs that go on and on.

  5. Gorgeous photo, and I love shots that are absolutely natural like that.

  6. Beautiful photo
    And lovely words about laughter
    I hide sometimes so I can listen to my kids giggling together

  7. I too adore everything about laughter and it is something you can always find when you have nothing else. That is a gorgeous photo of you and your beautiful little girl xx

  8. Thank you all xx

    @Felicty - Love the teaer-streaming laughs! I'm good at them :)
    @Ally - nothing sweeter :)

  9. Nothing better than some shared laughs. What a gorgeous photo!

  10. Beautiful sentiments, the best stuff is laughter.


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