Monday, 30 July 2012

Calling me

On the coldest of winter days, when the wind is fierce, waves are crashing and the air is icy, I feel most called to the ocean.

Mostly I sit {and stare}, then walk {and wonder, let go, listen, feel, wish and dream}.

And I feel a little calmer just by being there {as I look out at the waves and up to the sky}.

Watching the water reminds me that the universe is big {so much bigger than whatever worry I may be nursing, so much bigger than my little world}.

And it reminds me that every single moment and every single day is different {we're always on the eve of something new}.

I leave {knowing I will return} with a feeling of refreshed and alive running through my heart.

Elisa xx

{My winter beach obsession has rubbed off on little miss two who asks to see the water every time we get into the car. When we're there, she holds me close and points to the waves, sky, sand and birds, proclaiming them all "Wow!". And lately when we go to leave, shes says "Wait mum, stop. We listen to waves". We close our eyes, she listens to the waves and I listen to her xx}

Do you retreat to nature to reconnect?


  1. I find the ocean calming, too, but I'm not so sure if I love it quite as much on a cold winter day :)

  2. beautiful thoughts and words. we are lucky to be close enough to the sea to almost take it for granted. you've inspired me to throw some beanies and coats into the car for the school run today ;)sarah

  3. Oooh, the beach in winter is the best. I lived in the Hamptons and the beach there in winter is my favourite place ever. Beautiful and deserted. Sublime. You can't help but feel much calmer after being there.

  4. I have the same wintry obsession too Elisa. It's wild, somehow solitary and makes you feel all dramatic yet at one with the elements. It's also nice to then go home and get cosy; a cup of tea or hot chocolate and something hearty to eat. Mmm

  5. we are winter beach babes too!!!! it is seriously the best place to escape, sun or ice cold, it is always soo beautiful. xx

  6. There's just something magnetic and inspiring about the ocean, isn't there?
    :-) x

  7. Apparently the waves crashing on the shore sends off positive ions in the air, making us feel more balanced also.x

  8. I love going to the seaside with our boys. They love it. I love it. Always reminds me of the wonder of creation...
    Ronnie xo

  9. I love the ocean. We're so lucky to live closeby so I find sanctuary in going for a long run and just soaking in the salt air. Your little Miss 2 is a cutie patootie! :)

  10. So so lovely. I find the water so healing too. Kellie xx


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