Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Sometimes I sit back and can see my day divided up like a grid. {Packaged into little parts}.
Fractions of things done: sleeping, playing, cooking, eating, cleaning, reading, writing, cooking, cleaning, loving, holding, eating, playing, cooking, cleaning.
And fractions of words said, questions asked, instructions told, melodies of praise and love {and frustrations spoken too}. 
But the parts that stand out are the ones filled with laughter and smiles, and when little miss two asks me her one-word question: Happy?
I tell her: "Yes, I'm happy".
She beams, and tells me, "Happy too".
And I'm thinking: I love your company. And I love our days. {And YOU make me happy}.
And I love that you know what happy is {and what happy feels like}. I love that you know what makes you happy.
Lately it's my little girl's happy question that stands out most in the grid of my days.
In her world, happy is found in laughter {and rolling on the ground}, yoga and building blocks, omelets and pasta, babycinos {and trips to the park}, watching the water at the beach, throwing a ball, dancing like ballerinas, pretending we're birds and butterflies {and rockets too}. 
Happy is us together {doing all of this}. But mostly, I'm noticing that her happy is when my eyes and ears are together listening to her at the same time {and my heart too}.
Elisa xx
What part of your day makes you most happy?
{pic of my little girl by me ~ made black & white via instagram @withgraceandeve}


  1. this is beautiful- lucky her, lucky you. thanks for the reminder to listen with my whole self :) sarah

  2. This is lovely. And funny because lately my little man has been asking me that same question...and I love it!

    1. I love it too! Especially the smile that goes with the question! x

  3. Just gorgeous Elisa. The happiest parts of my day are the parts that involve cuddles :)

  4. What a lovely post!
    Isn't it so refreshing to spend time with happy little makes me so happy to know that I make Baby C happy!

    1. Beautiful! I feel that too - happy that I can see my babies are happy x

  5. Nothing better.
    I love hearing 'I so happy, Mum'.
    It's contagious!
    :-) xx

  6. Beautiful post :) It might seem sad but I love the moment when I get into bed and turn the light off... all snuggled into bed and ready to sleep... oh I love it!

  7. Ah yes, you have hit the nail on the head Elisa. When I am giving my boy's complete and undivided attention, they are in seventh heaven. You can really see the impact it has on them. Which makes the guilt all the more painful during those times when you simply cannot give them your full attention.
    It makes me happy to see them happy... and so the circle goes around. Lovely post xo

  8. Beautiful. Reading lovely posts like this makes me happy. x

  9. What a precious little girl you have. And good on you for soaking up every drop.

  10. The best part of my day is when my 18 month old looks at me and says "appy". It's always spontaneous and random.

    That undivided attention is all children want. Their joy at having it is unmatchable. I need to work on giving it more often.


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