Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here life goes rushing by

I was having a good big old whinge to my husband on the weekend about time rushing by.

Time is rushing, I told him. It's going so fast, and I can't get everything I want done, can't see everyone I want to see. And the girls are getting so big, and time just keeps on rushing by. And I wish it would stop. Because everything is a rush.

Later that night I sat down to be still and meditate, and I focused on my breath, and I listened to my heart.

And I let my body slow down, and I let it be still. And I felt my body gently let go and dissolve the day's tension, and there I found calm and effortlessness and a sweetness I've come to believe is always there {if I peel back enough layers}.

And then it dawned on me. Time + Rushing. Time wasn't rushing. Not one bit. Not at all.

Time is time. And it doesn't rush for anyone. It doesn't slow down either.

Time is always at the same pace. But this rushing? Well that was me.

The thing is I'm good at rushing. Really good. I can get myself into a rushed confusion in less than a minute {and I could probably sweep you up in my rushing too}.

I can even busy about and get 10 ticked off my to-do list in a day {leaving me in an organised head spin}.

But while I'm a great rusher and busy may be an easy-to-fall-into state for me, it doesn't suit me. Doesn't resonate with me. Not one bit. Not at all.

For me, rushing means busy. And busy remembers to do almost everything, but often forgets what's most important.

So this week there will be less rushing, more stopping {to breathe}, walking slowly and going gently.

My body, mind and heart will thank me I'm sure.

Elisa x

{image by me via instagram - follow @withgraceandeve}

How goes your week? Rushed and busy? Gentle and slow?


  1. Oh. I HEAR you.
    I constantly have to catch myself and consciously re-evaluate what I'm doing -rushing around all the time, cramming our lives.

    My little brother used to annoy our Mum by repeatedly asking "Are you sure you're Irish Mum?"
    She'd say "yes" every time, until finally she'd say "yes, why?"
    His response was - "You say you're Irish, but you're always russian!"
    :-) xx

    1. Haha! Too funny Shar! :)

      I catch myself rushing too! Glad I do xx

  2. I think theres quite the pressure to be busy and rushing (Russian...ha!) all the time...as though there is more status associated with those that are busy.
    Whereas its the calm, unhurried people who really have it all sorted...and who I aspire to be like.

    1. I couldn't agree more Ally! Plus calm feels so much better! x

  3. Beautifully written and you are so right. Some folks seems to always be rushing to do the next thing so they can.....rush to do the next thing...

    1. Yes I see this! We miss so so much when we're rushing x

  4. Hmm, I did nothing BUT rush around today, it was manic. I don't enjoy days like that a whole lot. It makes me more determined for tomorrow to be a chilled out day. Thanks for the reminder! xo

  5. Oh lovely....I get worked up over nothing as well and you are so right about time not rushing it is us..things have to learn to wait they really are not that important in the bigger picture.x

  6. life goes rushing by thousands of choices in a twinkling demanding your eye..

  7. I have been thinking a lot about all this these past two days. I have been in a huge rush, packing etc and I managed to get myself quite worked up about everything I wanted to do before going away. After two days I realised what was happening. Since then I have slowed down and reminded myself about what is REALLY important. And in the process of slowing down I think I'm actually getting more done. xxoo

  8. hi :),

    i totally agree with you! i also think it is true, what has been commented; that there is more status associated with being busy and always occupied with something.
    i currently try to allow myself not to rush - thinking that slowing down doesn't make you lazy, just allows you to capure life more.. :)


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