Friday, 30 November 2012

Life {and choosing change}

I was reminded last week of our ability to change life {how we allow life to let us feel}, to heal our life but mostly to invite the emotions and atmosphere we desire into our days.

In my exhaustion of late, this beautiful message {that I know well} got a little lost.

But it's here now. {And in action}.

I chose fun this week. And slow. {And I gave myself time to think, process and heal}.

When the rain finally stopped, we went puddle searching. And little miss three jumped and jumped. And splashed mud. And rather than cringe, we all found ourselves laughing at the mess.

When I became overwhelmed by the hundred little tasks to be done between now and December 25, we all lay down on the ground. And stayed there when 10 minutes was up, and the phone was sounding. I realised how much I miss stopping to be still {as much as that's possible with a baby crawling on you}

When the sun was setting and bed-time was calling, we went to the park. {And it was refreshing to mix things up for a bit}.

When a toddler tantrum was about to erupt, I turned the music on {and up}. And we danced in the kitchen. {And laughed just as much}.

When neither of my babies wanted to sleep, we read books {the three of us} in bed. And told stories to each other. {From little miss three: Once upon a time there was a princess. The end}

I allowed myself time to think {and process my thoughts} this week, I wrote little, spoke more and put my iPhone down.

I needed this week. And I'm grateful I allowed it to be.



~ Grateful for this week and the reminder {thank you Julie} and that I invited fun, spontaneity and slow into our days. It's given me my energy back and a new perspective too xx

~ Linking with gratitude to Maxabella and Kidspot's 52 Weeks of Grateful.

What are you most grateful for this week?


  1. It really is all about how you look at things isn't it?! Sounds like a beautiful, soul nurturing, body restoring week. Thanks for the inspiration. :) x

  2. I need one of these weeks! It's so hard this time of year to stop to have fun because you're busy running around planning for that one day of fun! Thank you for reminding me to stop and at least smile :)

    Sophie xo

  3. You are so right Elisa it is up to us to decide what we want to think and see. I love how you knew it was time to stop and that you reminded yourself, I needed to do that this week too a few times. I like the sound of your time with you girls, puddle jumping and beautifully created stories:) Have a wonderful weekend with your girls putting up the tree. xx

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Loving your blog space. Lots I love here. Following now xo

  5. this is so lovely. It's so true, it's our choice to slow down .. whether or not we realise it. loved the princess story! x

  6. Sounds nice darl. I think we all need a bit of that downtime sometimes. I'm finding mind simply by being organized.

  7. Choice is just so powerful isn't it? And when you choose family over everything else it makes so much sense
    I hope you manage to hold onto some of that calm in the coming weeks

  8. Thank you Elisa. I've got tears running down my face. Tears because I can relate to what you are saying and tears of gratitude that my words were a reminder to you. This is what I dream of, it is my passion. Thank you, you've made my day. Sending lots of love to you and your beautiful family. xxxxoooo

  9. I need this reminder as well Elisa, thank you xx

  10. Choosing fun, choosing slow - so many times the best choice to make! Thank you for the reminder!

  11. i find your posts inspiring and heartfelt x

  12. Oh kudos to you Elisa, that is very well done. Sounds like you had just the right attitude to get through the multitude of testing things that us Mama 's go through on a daily basis. Your girls will lOve you so much for it xo


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