Friday, 9 August 2013

A little less, a little more

I've been thinking about what I could go a little less of and a little more of since seeing this Blackmores ad*.

Actually I'd been thinking loads recently about what was missing from my days, but I like the little more, little less concept so much better. Especially the little part. No big scary changes, just gentle shifts in the direction I want to sail.

A little less procastination, a little more sleep 

A little less checking the clock, a little more cardio 

A little less staring at the computer screen, a little more staring at the water

A little less facebook, a little more book reading

A little less talking, a little more listening 

A little less planning, a little more taking chances

A little less fear, a little more courage

Some of these are really big for me. But with little in front of them it feels like I can tackle them. Slowly, bit by bit. More or less.


What would you go a little less of? Or a little more of?

{Gratitude this week for the little changes I am committing to making, for the fears I have decided on facing, and for health - because while it hasn't been in our house much for the past fortnight it almost always is. Elisa xx}

*I have no affiliation with Blackmores. I was just inspired by the concept/ad! 


  1. A little less dreaming, a little more doing
    A little more cooking, a little less eating
    I could get right into this...

  2. Actually, I could probably have written exactly what Ally wrote! And I agree, I could get right into this too! x

  3. So beautiful! Clicking in from Maxabella loves today. And I think I would like to do a little less worrying and being afraid and a little more faith and confidence.

  4. This is really a great list. Inspiration to me. -Hanna Marie

  5. Elisa, this is beautiful. Hope everyone is better soon and you have a great weekend. xxoo

  6. I love this, Elisa.
    I think for me - a little less peanut butter, and a little more skipping.
    A little less Facebook, and a little more face time with my children.
    Ronnie xo

  7. yes, all of these things! ...& all quite manageable when broken down like this.

  8. This is perfect. Every single point that you make resonates with me. Perfectly. Maybe this is inspiration for a new print for your shop? I can see it now, x

  9. Sleep instead of procrastinating sounds like what I need!

  10. Well said! Now I feel like I want to make my own list. I think though, that it might be quite similar.

  11. Ooh, good fun! I haven't seen the Blackmores ads (I used to work for Blackmores, back in the day!). I think I could definitely do a little more sleep and a lot less late night shenannygoating!! x


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