Thursday, 28 August 2014

A nourishing something

Yesterday I had a conversation about how having a ritual {or a nourishing something that's just for us} that we do each day can be the one thing that keeps us feeling filled, not just going but going happily, with that little bit of extra energy (even when sleep alludes you). Of course, we can go quite wonderfully without that little nourishing rhythm in our day too - but it can make all the difference on some days. 

My time by the sea with my camera, notepad and pen has been a weekly dose of nourishment for me this year. It's most often meant solo time too, before I begin work. And lately it's been just a handful of minutes that it's taken to fill my heart and soul, to recharge and take stock. Perhaps I needed more time in the beginning, but lately it's been so much less - and I think that's because this has become a ritual; helped by the fact that I now effortlessly {no guilt} grant myself this time each week to just be. Just as you get better at something when you practice it, I think you get better at tuning in, letting go, relaxing and reconnecting by creating a weekly/daily space for it too. 


Do you do something each day or weekly that's just for you? Something to nourish your body or heart or soul?

{~ Finally catching up on sharing this year's photo project - weekly images by the sea. Above are images 26-33 and one extra! Elisa x}


  1. Gorgeous photos Elisa. I think it's important to do something to nourish yourself. Every day now I do a little bit of knitting or crochet. I find as I concentrate on the stitches my mind and body relax because I'm thinking about one thing only and not thinking about a million things at once or worrying about anything. Enjoy your 'me' time. Your family is better for it because you will be happier. Much love, xxoo

  2. Beautiful! Very important to do this- I also love the beach. I seem to manage to find time for myself, my kids are a bit older & my part time work leaves me with enough. I do like your idea of getting out a bit more though. x

  3. Lovely words Elisa. I love your photo collage too! I always find myself more relaxed when I am by the water...I wish I could do it more often. The other day I spent some time drawing in my art journal. I just let my mind wander, not thinking too much about what I was doing and sat and drew. I was happy with what I had done, and know its something I should do more often. xx

  4. Lovely. And yes, I always make the time to nourish myself. Little things every day...a cup of tea with a little knitting, or a book, some writing in the early morning while the little man is sleeping, and/or being creative in the kitchen. Weekly I try to soak in the tub once a week, I get my runs in three mornings a week, and I try to get a solo walk in the woods in, but that one doesn't always happen, at least not a solo one. So important to fill our own buckets, if we are to fill the buckets of those around us. xo

  5. These are beautiful snaps Elisa and what an intuitive gal you are to realise how important that time out is for you. At the moment, my 'thing' is time to read blogs or go online, once the kidlets are in bed at night. I'd like to extend some 'me' time out to getting into some exercise a couple of times a week, but bubs is only 5 months and I'm still breast feeding, so just going to pace myself with that. Good on you for choosing such an enriching way to spend your time, I have no doubt that everyone in the family benefits from it in a roundabout way also :) xo

  6. A photowalk each day - wherever I am whether in Melbourne's lane ways or on breaks by the sea. Often though it is just along the local creeklands and past the neighbours' gardens where I always see something new. Jean


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx