Sunday, 19 June 2016

Here and now

I have been so very aware of the here and now this past month. My here and now. Their here and now. Our here and now. 

Aware and in tune with the three little hearts that have a forever hold on mine. 

I feel myself watching them grow from a distance. Stepping back a little so I can really see.

And then, because that distance can never last more than a minute, all at once I'm up close... taking in their every word and emotion... holding little hands, stroking chubby cheeks, reading make-believe adventure books aloud, listening attentively to jumbled so-much-to-tell-you stories, brushing long brown unruly hair... all the while looking into big deep brown eyes that sparkle with a wonder, curiosity, joy and love that I desperately want to know more about. 

Change has been thrust upon us. So much change. New patterns, new people, new places. I felt lost, overwhelmed, unsure. And so I took a deep breath, and consciously slowed my pace. And they've slowed to join my rhythm. 

In this new-found presence, it feels like we've fallen in love all over again. It feels like despite the daily rush, we have a little hold on time. We've fallen into our rhythm, one that ebbs and flows in a way that feels much much better than okay.

And so, discarded autumn leaves have been transformed into fairy crowns // drawing has become a family affair // the smallest of outings now stand strong as bright big love-filled heart-thumping memories and our snuggled-in-bed chatter has lingered too late for a school night {but how I secretly love that they both always have more to say}. 

And I've found myself the collector of heart moments, trying desperately to tuck all these memories deep within me in a place where I won't forget the words, emotions and expressions... From here is where I begin to write, and from here is where I end my day {in thanks}. 


It's been quite a while between posts. I've been so consumed with my here and now, making what's felt like such big decisions, and trying so desperately to stay present for my three girls that I've pulled away from this creative space I love. I'm so happy to be back. How have you been? How is your here and now? Much love, Elisa x 

~ Still working away at the free prints & meditation resources I'll be sending out soon! I'll be sure to post when they're ready, but you can sign up for them early here too. 


  1. ...the collector of heart moments, I love that. Welcome back to your space, so happy you are back :)

  2. Its a beautiful age Elisa, I have to remind myself that my two girls are not going to be this age forever and take it all in. My here and now has been a state of hurry, but in those quiet moments I look at my two girls and can't believe how quickly they've both grown up. I have been missing them as babies and looking at photos and video's not to forget what they used to be like. Glad to see you back here xx

  3. What a lovely phrase - a collector of heart moments. We need more of those.

  4. here and now is perfect! I try to stay in the moment because I can easily get to fretting over what might be :)

  5. So lovely, thats why I keep blogging too, to help my store my heart moments somewhere xx

  6. Here & now is perfect, it's just that here & now changes all the time- it's sometimes hard to keep up. I'm struggling a bit to get into the swing of my new here & now x


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