Sunday, 22 April 2012

I'm that girl {in tears}

I cry at weddings {every single one}. I knew I was partial to a tear or two, but I had it confirmed this weekend.

The moment I see the bride approaching the aisle, I get a lump in my throat. Every part of me fills with emotion, and my eyes fill with big, juicy, jewel-like mascara-running tears. And at this exact moment, I realise that nobody else around me is even close to tearing-up, they're all happy faces. I'm the lone crier in a sea of smiles.

So I pull myself together, stand a little more upright, and damn I see the groom beaming with eyes for only his wife-to-be and there we go again {tears}. I try to suck them back in {drawing in my breath and widening my eyes}. But it doesn't work. Tears. Only a couple but it's crying just the same.

I'm wondering am I alone here? My guess is I am. Because beyond my watery eyes, I searched through the wedding guests this weekend for another crier, even an almost crier, but I couldn't find a match. Not one.

I was a crying bride too, overcome with emotion {excitement, joy, anticipation, love} and a drenching of teardrops as I stepped carefully down the aisle.

But it's not this memory of our special day that triggers my outpour. I just get swept up {and a little giddy} with the whole wedding and marriage thing. And some part inside me opens, shifts and extends as I acknowledge what I'm witnessing. He loves her so much that he wants the world to know. She loves him with her heart and soul, and would wait a lifetime for this moment. They want to conquer life together. Forever.

Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart? {Because I did tear-up a little during the couple's first dance too.} Or perhaps tragic romantic?

Or maybe it's something more. Maybe I am feeling the moment. One moment {in their two lifetime's} that signals change, excitement, celebration, love, joy, anticipation, beauty, eagerness and bliss. Whatever it is, I think I'm addicted to this wedding feeling. It makes me feel new.

Elisa xx

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Do you cry at weddings? Please tell me you do.



  1. I used to get uncomfortable at weddings. I used to say "I'm never getting married". I'm no psychologist, but this uncomfortable was born from my family of broken marriages. My parents, my aunts and uncles... even my grandparents divorced!

    Then I met Paul. We got married :) Now I cry at weddings too.

  2. @Kylie, So glad I'm not alone! :) I like you're story - And I love that you got a happily ever after xx

  3. Oh you are SO not alone. I cry at every wedding. I even cry at weddings in movies or on tv. I'm using the excuse that i'm in touch with peoples emotions - sensitive soul and all that :)

  4. Hi Elisa. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.

    Yes, I do cry at weddings. It's funny.....I don't cry easily....sometimes I think a good cry would be good for me, but I just can't. Give me a wedding though and I will. I also cry with a soppy movie, a sad story, sad news and at funerals (even if I don't know the person, I've just gone to keep someone else company).
    I hope you have a good week. xxoo

  5. @Jess - love it! Yes I'm a little partial to a TV wedding cry too :) xx

    @Julie - thank you! It's funny how weddings can do that! xx


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