Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Calm. Chaos. Clarity.

Two years ago we {my husband and I} made a wish for the year ahead.

Actually it was more of a demand. {Because we were sure it was what we needed}.

We decided the year ahead would be calm. A year of Calm.

No big changes, no big stresses, no big goals, no big plans. No big nothing.

Everything that year had been change and different. {And it felt like we were done}.

So we looked at each other and declared the coming year to be one of same-same.

Just our little family of three. And a year.

And it sounded perfect. {And felt pretty perfect too}.

But life had other plans for our path.

We've had two years of busy {chaos}: three job changes, a baby, a house sold and a house bought.

There has been spurts of calm, and the most beautiful joy in the arrival of our littlest girl.

But I'd be lying if I didn't admit busy {and stress} has been a shadow in our days.

Today we {my girls and I} walked and walked, and the day felt fresh, and the breeze smelled new.

Little miss two and I spoke about blossom, searched for little yellow flowers in the green grass, smiled at the breeze that rushed through our hair and marvelled at the brightest of blue skies.

Today I noticed calm {and effortless}. And for the first time in two years, I think it's clarity I'm feeling.

And I think clarity is what we were after in the first place.

Because clarity and calm, they go together. In a wonder-filled way.

Elisa x

What do you seek in your days? Calm? Clarity? I'd love to know x

{image by me}


  1. Oh I love this post Elisa! And you sound calm in your writing. Yay for sunny days and life learnings x

  2. Thank you Elisa for this post! The first five years here in Australia have been an adjusting-process for me.. Now I feel I'm ready to progress. Now I'm seeking for progress :-) Laura P

  3. You have painted such a beautiful picture, to see the clarity makes looking back on the journey easier. The busy and stress are not my friends and often make me feel unsettled. I strive to find those moments of calm whenever I can to help me feel centred again ready again for the busy:) xx

  4. we keep saying to each other *this will be an easygoing year* and yet life keeps rolling on, in all its chaos. i take the little moment of calm as they appear! :)sarah

  5. Yes please - would love double helpings of both over here.

  6. Calmness & clarity I seek to find in everyday....but sadly I must admit it is very hard to find most days. But I will keep striving each day to get:)

  7. I seek health and happiness. When I'm healthy, when I'm in touch with my body and my feelings, everything seems wonderful. Clarity and calmness are great too. For me these come with health. Happy days Elisa. xxoo

  8. So beautifully expressed. I am seeking the two c's - clarity and calm, both hopefully in the remainder of the year. Sometimes life just has other plans for us doesn't it? Love your perspective. xx

  9. Thanks for such a beautiful post. I have been trying to figure out exactly what I have been looking for and you expressed it so well. It's clarity. And now that I have realised this maybe I'll be on my way there :)

  10. That is such a lovely post.
    Daddy R and I always say the same thing...we want a year to just be...a year where nothing really happens. Maybe 2013?

  11. Enjoy this calm and clarity, you deserve it!

  12. I don't mind a bit of chaos, as long as there's clarity...
    Ronnie xo


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