Saturday, 18 August 2012

This path

Ten years ago a psychic told me I had a clearly defined path to follow.

A beautiful path. A shining happy path. That would touch many.

There would be temptations to stray from the path, but that's when my heart would offer me directions.

Follow your heart.

That's pretty much all she told me. And that I would write.

It stuck with me.

Maybe because a part of me believed it already anyway.

Maybe because I already was a writer.

It's this path that I've been thinking about lately.

I've been looking back at the path I've made. The path I've followed. {How far I've come}.

And it does seem a clear direct route.

The beautiful {shining, happy} stretches stand out most.

And in the parts where I felt weak, I now see I was stronger than I thought.

And when I felt lost, I now see I had really just halted.

And when I wasn't okay, I see that I always believed I would be {in time}.

I was talking about paths with a friend today. The path we choose {create, follow, take}.

I pondered what could have been for a few seconds there.

But mostly I feel blessed {grateful} for what has been. And what is.

For the opportunities {to start again}.

For the lessons learnt {and questions asked}.

For love {created and shared}.

For the path my heart chose.

Elisa xx

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Do you ever look back and see how far you've come? What's making you feel grateful this week?


  1. Sometimes you really do have to look backwards at how far you've come to really appreciate where you are.

  2. I agree, Elisa - looking back and celebrating how far you've come is so important, and yet I rarely do it. Thanks for the reminder. x

    1. Thanks Sally. It's something I need to remind myself more often too x

  3. Hi Elisa nice concept. You have a lovely style too. I'm very good at looking back with regret at decisions I've made, it's really not a good philosophy, however, it's an area I want to work on as my path has changed so radically over the past few years and I'm still working out how I got off track so much. One thing though I know I'm truly grateful for is my work, how it has supported me to write, study, look after my child and financially support me too. It's a nice feeling to be grateful, it softens the hard bits x

    1. Thank you x It's so good {but not easy} to find gratitude even when things are hard. Looking back on the hard parts I've found that while they felt terrible, I always learnt something new x

  4. I am big on reflection to learn lessons, appreciate progress, rethink things. Lovely post as always Elisa!

  5. I have been feeling very grateful today for the course I'm doing to become a certified health coach. I'm learning so much that I can apply to my own life and that I can use to help others. Listen to your heart.....such good advise. xxoo

    1. I'm inspired by your studies Julie! Sounds like such a fulfiling and nurturing course x

  6. This is a beautiful post.. It is great to look back and be able to reflect on the reasons why your life has taken you on certain routes and is now on the path that it is on! I always like to look back in retrospect and see why things have turned out as they have - the good and the bad!
    Lovely post! xxx

  7. Love this... I am so proud of how far I've come... Looking back can be good for the soul... Great post xxxx

  8. This is lovely's nice to reflect like this sometimes. Xx

  9. Beautiful. Absolutely, we look back all the time, coming up 20 years together (i was a teenager when i fell madly in love with my husband) & we look at our children, the places we've lived & most excitedly, our plans for the future, i can't believe how it's all come together as trust me, we have lived on such a tight budget, to think i drive a new car, we have investment properties, overseas family holidays & children in private high school, wow, amazing. Most of all, i still love my husband to pieces. Love Posie

  10. A beautiful post Elisa. I believe the best sign of fulfilment is when we feel content with the decisions we make. Of course there will always be what if's, but I am learning not to think about those so much and just enjoy the road I have travelled... and continue to travel.
    On another note, I find psychics really fascinating, though I haven't been to one since I was 21! Loooong time ago xo

  11. This was such a reflective, thought-provoking post, Elisa. You have such clarity about yor path, I think. That's really inspiring (and of course you write it all so beautifully). I particularly love the 'halted' description. x

  12. Hi bella! I was actually talking with my partner about this the other day...if somebody told me five years ago that in five years I would be living here in Australia I would have told him he was mad! It's interesting how our path changes..sometimes because of us.. Sometimes because of destiny! :-) Laura p

  13. Follow your heart is the soundest advice that anyone could ever give you. I've found that I only ever regret decisions that I've taken against my heart. Good to see you following your path!


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