Thursday, 13 December 2012

In flight


Today was parenting chaos.
After dinner when I went to put the rubbish in the bin outside I finally breathed a full deep breath. 

Not conscious of the fact that I hadn't exhaled fully all day til that point.
As I turned to walk back in the house I heard my husband's voice and two happy toddlers. 

And without really thinking I sat down {flopped} on the front step. And let myself stop. 

The day was still hot. {But the sun long gone}. 

Rain was falling intermittently. I heard it hit the tin roof. And dot the pavement.
I watched as raindrops landed on my outstretched legs. And later on my palms. {Like tears splattering all over me}. 

I welcomed the rain's touch, cool and refreshing {when the day had felt heated, stretched and burdened too}. 

I closed my eyes. And listened to the rain, the wind rushing through the trees, the birds singing like it was a new day. 

I breathed. {Long full breaths}. I imagined my breath filling my whole body. Bathing me in calm. Relaxing a little more with each exhalation. Feeling lighter with each new breath I let in. 

When I opened my eyes I saw a solo bird in flight. 

It ducked and weaved through the air, up and down, up and then spiralling down before gliding up high into the sky with strength, grace and renewed energy. 

And in it's dance, I saw my year: at first moving back and forth but not ahead, then dipping down, gathering my strength, learning and reflecting; before resurfacing with grace, joy, wonder and eagerness. Resurfacing with energy to reach higher places, to achieve new things, to make memories, to chase dreams {and make them happen too}.

It's been a big year here. Have you stopped to look back {reflect} on your year too?


  1. So beautiful. The rain after a stinking hot day is such a wonderful gift and you've described it so wonderfully. The bird is such a powerful metaphor.
    I still need to stop and catch a breath and reflect on this past year... but soon. Very soon. (I hope!)

    1. Hope you get a chance to stop and reflect soon Kirsty! It was good for me x

  2. What beautiful words from the heart. Minus 4 here so no chance of me sitting on the doorstep!

    1. Thank you! Hope you find warmth where you are! I do love winter, as much as I love summer actually! xx

  3. This sounds like the day that I'm currently having. Have to say, I am so grumpy with our boys right now. I would surely welcome a moment's reprieve and the cool touch of light rain!
    Ronnie xo

    1. Oh I hope you got a few moments to yourself! it made all the difference to me on the craziest of parenting days xx

  4. I was touched by your comment on Pink Ronnie's blog and followed you here.
    Lovely words. I look forward to looking around some more.


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