Friday, 7 December 2012

Finding joy

Maybe it's this summer weather that's giving me this light feeling right now.

Bright, {mostly} refreshed, welcoming each day, noticing moments {and allowing them to linger longer}, finding positives in every negative, opening my eyes {and seeing with my heart}.

I'm happy. And maybe summer {and it's bright sun-shining days} helps, but I do think it's more.

I think it's just that it's taken me this long {this year} to finally find me again, and the season just happens to be summer {my favourite}.

What I've noticed {learnt}, is that in the challenging {and trying, exhausting, uncertain and fearful} times, I always see hope. I believe in life and a better day {and creating a better me} no matter the circumstances {what life throws my way}.

And this feeling that I haven't been able to express in a single word. I've worked it out. It's joy.

My heart says joy is happy + gratitude {together}.

With joy, I see {and am grateful for} so much more.

And with joy, every experience/moment/capture means a little something more.

Joy {happy + gratitude} this week:

~ The colours in the night sky {and watching and waiting for them with miss three}.

~ The view from wherever I {we} stand. {Grateful we're together; no matter where we are}.

~ The gentleness of the little hand that holds mine {mindful of this ever since I read this post}

~ My wonderful man who walks through the door every night with energy for all three of us {when I know so much how exhausted he really is}.

~ Smiling into the sunshine, feeling it's warmth on my face {and letting it soak within}.

~ The clarity that comes from talking things through {and having someone there to listen}.

~ Books as gifts {to rekindle inspiration}.

~ Talking about my emotions, and teaching little miss three to identify hers in the process. {Did you know grumpy sounds like this? Gru-humph-blah}

~ Having the beach close by. {Sinking our toes into the wet sand, and waiting for the rush of the next wave}.

As I contemplated this eventful year this morning, I made joy my wish.
To seek joy {and find joy} in the little things, and the big. But mostly to let moments of joy linger and last, and teach me more about happiness {and love}.


{Linking with gratitude to Maxabella & Kidspot's 52 Weeks of Grateful.}

{Oh, and my heart is inspired by every single post at Rachel's Finding Joy. It's here. xx}

Did your week include joy? What are you most grateful for?


  1. Beautiful post - I too am grateful for having the beach nearby. It reallys is so soothing. Loving this time of year, it lifts peoples mood I think x

  2. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for my husband and his energy when he walks in the door. Some days I am so tired or over it all that I hand over completely to him for the hour or two left of the kiddy day, and he just throws himself in there 100%. I forget that he has been working all day too.

  3. I think joy is my favourite word in the world.Witnessing the joy of children at the wonder of the world, feeling it myself. Joy and a joyous heart is a priceless gift. Thankyou for sharing!
    (And I love Gru-humph-blah!)

  4. Lovely Elise, I'm glad u have joy. Aside from a great outlook, and hope, I do think the summer gives life a special glow xx

  5. This is gorgeous, Elisa. Your joy just radiates out through your words and makes me feel happy too. x

  6. Beautiful Elisa, I love that word "Joy", it's such a happy word. I think there is more of it in the air this time of the year. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. I agree with what every one else has said, such a beautiful post about finding Joy, I do defeinately think the lighter breezier weather helps xxx

  8. the sand between your toes...couldn't agree more. at the beach this morning i was thinking of what a lucky family we are to be able to come and breathe whenever we need. that nature can fix everything. beautiful post. x ashley

  9. This sounds like a good place to be!

    The fresh sea air and salt water never fails to take me there.

    rachel xo

  10. That's great Elisa. Yes, there was joy in my week. Probably the most exciting thing was the purchase of a little (16 foot), second hand catarmaran. I'm most grateful for my beautiful husband and boys. Hope you have a wonderful week. xxoo

  11. I live it how you always bring me to the attention of such simple pleasures, I often look at my kids and am thankful they are healthy, that's everything! X

  12. I agree, your joy does radiate out.. just like all feelings, the more you feel them teh more you want to feel them.. love this post. x

  13. Lovely words... You truly sound at peace Elisa :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. If you have a minute pop over to my 'All I Want For Christmas' post as I've tagged you to join along :) I'd love to see the lovely wishes you come up with - No pressure though.


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